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Hello, a very beautiful game with a unique atmosphere. Just a small question about the graphics, I got the impression that when developing games for 8 bit compatibility in Adventuron, the image resolution should be 128 x 40, which is really low res.  What is the resolution of the images for your ZX Spectrum Next version of the game, it seems to be much higher, and how did you achieve that, please?   Mika

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Beautiful game, both the graphics and the sparse descriptions. Unfortunately, I had to switch to the browser version as the DOS version crashed on me 3 times.

The crashes seem pretty random and never happened twice in the same situation. a) After [spoiler]GET SKIN the first time[/spoiler]; b) After [spoiler]going W from the Rocky Area to the Frozen Well[/spoiler]; c) After [spoiler] EMPTY CAULDRON by the Pyramid [/spoiler].


What happened to the original Adventuron version? Not everyone wants to play it in an emulator.

Apologies. I found the Adventuron version on another page. Makes sense, I suppose.

¿final version?


Really enjoyed Rite of the Druid as the first game to try on my ZX Spectrum Next. I din't stop playing until I reached the end!

One small thing, the game allowed me to fix the mechanism near the volcano without actually having the required part.

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Thanks for the feedback. I found the offending bit of code. It should be OK in the new update, it was just my fault for forgetting to put in a check.

Many thanks for the update... I am really looking forward to playing this one! :)

Only played the first little bit, very atmospheric, different and making me want to continue...