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PLEASE NOTE: This game is supplied as a series of TAP files and will run on ZX Spectrum computers only.

Aeon is a far reaching story set across multiple generations and the rise and fall of a single world.

Traverse the surface of the planet to discover the source of strange signals. Your heavy spacesuit makes jumping difficult, so timing is essential to avoid the alien life forms.

Drive your vehicle around the landscape and reach all the survey locations. Beware the natural dust storms and power couplings that will damage your craft on contact.

Use your slow hovver-pod to ascend the towers - keep an eye out for the connection points to install satellite dishes, but watch for the robots dumping their construction garbage.

Escape the planet through the derelict buildings that are now overrun by masses of malfunctioning droids. Use the one-way gravity chutes but watch where you’re going!

Aeon ©2018 Sunteam. Game design, graphics and programming by Paul Weller.
AY Music by Sergey Letyagin AKA Ghostsoft, from zxtunes.com.
Made mostly in Jonathan Cauldwell’s Aracde Game Designer.



Aeon+ZX Spectrum Gamer issue 5.zip 6 MB

Install instructions

The game has a whole bunch of TAP files. If you emulate, then turn off high speed loading for the story sections, otherwise you'll miss everything. The games have a bit of blurb on the loading screens but nothing vital to playing, so you can speed-load those just fine.

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