A downloadable game

This software runs on the ZX Spectrum Next home micro  - System/Next 22.10

To run, copy the folder and contents onto your Next's SD Card, then select "Bungle.bas" from the browser. It is advised that you hard reset your machine before running.


Can you find your missing friends over 3 progressively harder stages? Use the cursor keys to move Bungle and push 'z' to search. Once the egg timers run out, it's Game Over. After each search you will gain a hint to the direction you should head next by an echo that you hear.


By Paul Weller/Sunteam 2023, based on the game Hurkle for the Commodore PET. One of the first video games I ever played in primary school.

Raindow and associated characters are copyright Thames Television. This game is intended as a free fan made parody.


Bungle.zip 195 kB


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I hate the bas files.


You do know that .bas is literally the only available format for Next Basic games, right?


what about nex file buddy ?


.nex is for machine code. You can't save a BASIC program in .nex format.


I didn´t said that buddy. I just only said why not create games in machine code as a result nex files !


That would be great. Except I don't know one single thing about machine code. And no, I'm not about to start learning it from scratch. I'm more a graphics and ideas person than a programmer.

There's no pleasing some people :)

Well, so maybe you can try learning to optimize and compile BASIC programs, and then generously share the results with us. If you need a place to start, look for the NextBuild toolkit on Github.