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GRELOX: CONTAGION - Physical Release is now available to order from https://www.bitmapsoft.co.uk/product/grelox-contagion/

This game is for use with the ZX Spectrum Next home micro.

Receiving a distress signal from the Xicus System, Grelox has to gather vegetation from various worlds to help create a vaccine for a deadly contagion.

Grelox: Contagion is an action/puzzle game - Push and break rocks, hit switches to open doors and close floor traps, and avoid the deadly creatures that will kill you on touch!


  • 100 Levels set over 10 worlds
  • Auto Save
  • Stage Select
  • Redefinable Keys
  • Joystick Control

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Good game. Would like an option to turn off the enemies though because while I like the puzzle element the enemy placement and movement is quite annoying as it seems totally random and jumps character squares at a time . I spend a lot of time not moving waiting for an enemy to move out of a space I need to move in to and it can take several minutes! Also noticed a small bug. If your sd card is read only program will crash when trying to save.

Very nice, like it!

Looks nice.

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Looks good


Looking great!