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This software runs on the ZX Spectrum Next home micro  - System/Next v1.3.2

To run, copy the folder and contents onto your Next's SD Card, then select "King of Anglers.bas" from the browser.

It is advised that you hard reset your machine before running.

Sit back and relax by some beautiful lakes as you wait for that tug on your rod as the fish begin to bite! Wrestle with the catch, trying to avoid breaking your line or letting it escape. Will you prove yourself to be the King of Anglers?


Controls are Q A O P M. You can also use Kempston Joystick, but this provides a far more challenging experience.

First, pick from any available lake on the Lake Select screen. As you catch the King Fish in each lake, new areas will open up to you.
Once you start fishing, move left and right to select a casting point, then push fire to cast your line. Wait patiently for a bite...
When the fish is hooked, you must wrestle with it to bring it in - use LEFT and RIGHT to adjust the direction (indicated by the bar at the top of the screen) and UP AND DOWN to adjust the tension (indicated by the bar at the right). Careful not to let the markers go too far or you will lose the fish or break your line.

*Be careful and selective what you focus on - pushing diagonals is not allowed*

Once you catch your fish, you will return to the title screen, where you can view your statistics, or head out to pick you lake again.

This is not a game to complete in one sitting. Relax, enjoy the peace and calm...until the fish begin to bite!

By Paul Weller (c)2022 Sunteam.
Music created in NextDAW



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Again bas!! why not coding in nex ?


Because everything I write is in NextBASIC (aside from text adventures). 

This is out of necessity because I'm not primarily a coder.

.nex is only for machine code games. You can't package a basic game in a .nex file.

You just need to put the .bas file and any asset files on your sd and open the .bas file in the browser.


What a lovely looking game! Alas I'm - once again - unable to emulate it in ZEsarUX (10.1): I opened ttblue.mmc with winImage and copied the folder under games/next. When I start the emulator and go to said folder and try to execute "King of Anglers.bas" the only thing I get is a black screen. :(


Sadly, it seems the Next emulators still have some way to go for full compatibility :(

Yes, it's obviously using full screen 320x254 Layer 2 graphics for the background picture and Tilemap for the rulers (all of which overflowing to where the border is located in classic 256x192 ULA display), so emulators have to take the latest developments in account (and they're almost 2 years old now !)

BTW, emulators developper would be nice stopping using only the rubber keyboard 40 keys. Since they all run on computers or smartphones It shouldn't be that difficult to implement at least the cursor keys and the backspace key, right ?

Especially on smartphones where the keyboard is usually displayed by the emulator. More than 35 years later, is it still so difficult to display a Spectrum + keyboard ?