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What a lovely looking game! Alas I'm - once again - unable to emulate it in ZEsarUX (10.1): I opened ttblue.mmc with winImage and copied the folder under games/next. When I start the emulator and go to said folder and try to execute "King of Anglers.bas" the only thing I get is a black screen. :(

Sadly, it seems the Next emulators still have some way to go for full compatibility :(

Yes, it's obviously using full screen 320x254 Layer 2 graphics for the background picture and Tilemap for the rulers (all of which overflowing to where the border is located in classic 256x192 ULA display), so emulators have to take the latest developments in account (and they're almost 2 years old now !)

BTW, emulators developper would be nice stopping using only the rubber keyboard 40 keys. Since they all run on computers or smartphones It shouldn't be that difficult to implement at least the cursor keys and the backspace key, right ?

Especially on smartphones where the keyboard is usually displayed by the emulator. More than 35 years later, is it still so difficult to display a Spectrum + keyboard ?