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This digital bundle contains 2 previously released PDF books and a set of never before seen extras.


PC Engine Gamer Volume 1 is a compilation of reviews and features from the first 7 issues of PC Engine Gamer, with additional content exclusive to this edition.

This volume contains:

The Kung Fu, Bikkuri Man World, Top 10 Player Deaths, Ninja Spirit, Dragon Spirit, Versus! Tiki the Kiwi vs Guy Kazama, Out Run, Override, Top 10 Level One Bosses in Shoot ‘Em Ups, Monster Lair, Versus! Tyris Flare vs Opa Opa, Rastan Saga II, Ys Books I & II, Top 10 Shopkeepers, Atomic Robo-Kid Special, P-47 The Freedom Fighter, Versus! F-14 Tomcat vs Wang, Golden Axe, Top 10 Smart Bombs in Shoot ‘Em Ups, Spin Pair, Interview: Feena, Tatsujin, Versus! Taira no Kagekiyo vs Rick Taylor, Titan, Randomonium, Star Parodier, Top 10 Game Over/Continue Screens, Be Ball, Versus! Dobkeratops vs Shielder, ‘These Things...’ A Poetic Tribute to Deep Blue, Gate of Thunder, Drop Rock Hora Hora, Top 10 Level One Bosses in Platform Games, Crash Course in Katakana.

With 104 pages, this book has have been specially redesigned for this edition.


The concept behind Pixellence is the appreciation of classic 2D pixel art. Even though many of us still play classic games, we don't often take the time to stop and look at the skilled artwork that goes into them. A lot of this artwork is still very impressive today and deserves to be appreciated fully.

Each double page spread in PIXELLENCE consists of a review, a hand picked selection of in-game sprites and a beautiful full page gameplay image.

With 104 pages, this volume covers 46 games from the TurboGrafx-16 TurboChip library covering the years 1989 to 1993.

Included games are: Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, Blazing Lazers, Victory Run, Alien Crush, The Legendary Axe, Vigilante, Dragon Spirit, Fantasy Zone, Dungeon Explorer, R-Type, China Warrior, Side Arms, Aero Blasters, Ordyne, Bonk’s Adventure, Bloody Wolf, Bravoman, Cratermaze, Devil’s Crush, Dragon’s Curse, JJ & Jeff, Super Star Soldier, The Legendary Axe II, Ninja Spirit, Pac-Land, Psychosis, Raiden, Bonk’s Revenge, Impossamole, Legend of Hero Tonma, Parasol Stars, Sinistron, Turrican, Air Zonk, Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu, Dead Moon, Ghost Manor, New Adventure Island, Night Creatures, Samurai Ghost, Soldier Blade, Time Cruise, Shockman, Bomber Man ‘93, Bonk’s Big Adventure and Magical Chase.


An extra NEVER BEFORE RELEASED 14 page book containing reviews for Alien Crush, Hiho Densetsu and Populous - The Promised Lands.


An extra NEVER BEFORE RELEASED 24 page book covering PC Engine HuCARDs: Kyukyoku Tiger, Bikkuri Man World, Ju O Ki (Altered Beast), Son Son II, Splatterhouse, Jigoku Meguri, Yokai Dochuki, Mr Heli, Cross Wiber, Dragon Egg! and Gokuraku! Chuka Taisen.


A NEVER BEFORE RELEASED 10 page concept booklet created in a scrapbook style, with notes, sketches and other little secrets. This book covers 4 games: Crest of Wolf, Hyaku Monogatari, Space Harrier and Moto Roader MC.

*These files are for viewing only and are non-printable.


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