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This software runs on the ZX Spectrum Next home micro distro 1.3.2.

UPDATE JULY 2020: Added music, multiple enemies and high score saving.

You are a Biological Entity Remover Node And Repair Droid (or B.E.R.N.A.R.D. for short), working for the evil robot overlord on his deadly mobile space station.

Charged with maintaining the primary laser cannon, B.E.R.N.A.R.D has, however, developed something of a conscience. Instead, he has chosen to defy his master and do his best to stop the cannon’s DELTA CRYSTAL from charging up by destroying the MEGA PROTONS with his cranial gun.

Will he be able to stop the cannon from decimating another innocent world?

Move B.E.R.N.A.R.D. left and right using keys "o" and "p" across the bottom of the screen. Fire his cranial gun with "space" so that shots reflect of the sloped ceiling and destroy the MEGA PROTONS that gradually move upwards.

If three MEGA-PROTONS crystallise to form the DELTA CRYSTAL and charge up the laser, the game is over.

To run, launch "reflectron.bas".
Reflectron is written entirely in NextBASIC and runs at the standard 3.5MHz. Pushing "q" in game will quit to BASIC (and clears the sprite bank to avoid memory errors). Make sure caps lock is off while playing. Also, feel free to peruse the code, but it's a bit of a mess in places - you have been warned.

Reflectron by Sunteam.
Program, graphics and planning: Paul Weller.
Music written by Andrew Darovich.
Music created on Gari Biasillo's NextDAW  http://nextdaw.biasillo.com/
Based on Reflectron for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 by Aetherbyte https://aetherbyte.itch.io/
Based on the ZX Spectrum type-in game ‘Rebound’ by Phil Willcox, published in Sinclair Programs October 1983.
Released May 2020.

Download the PC Engine version here: https://aetherbyte.itch.io/reflectron



Reflectron by Sunteam.zip 53 kB

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and place it on you Next's SD card. Run "reflectron.bas" from the browser to start.

Development log


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Hi!  When I try to run the new version my Next gives me the error:

C Nonsense in BASIC, 40:1

and then kicks me out to NextBASIC.  When I then try typing in RUN I get:

Driver already installed, 18:1

and it kicks me back out to NextBASIC again.  The first version ran fine, and I tried re downloading and installing this twice.  Just wanted to let you know!

OK let's go through a checklist:
- Firstly, please make sure you do a machine reset before loading the game.

- Secondly, make sure you are running the latest distro from https://www.specnext.com/latestdistro/ and not the one that comes with the stock Next.

- Thirdly, if this still happens, can you list line 40 and let me know the first command. There is no reason is should report Nonsense in BASIC

- Finally, is your Next running anything to mod it, like an alternate boot screen or something like that?

(The driver not installed error is expected, you need to reset/reload and not RUN the program)

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I did not realize there was a new distro.  My Next is updated and Refelectron is now working.  So sorry to bother you with this!  From now on I will check for a system update first.  ::embarrassed::