The ZX Spectrum Next version can be found here:

Please note that the Spectrum Next will receive more updates and fixes than the browser version.

Rite of the Druid is a text adventure (sometimes called Interactive Fiction) with graphics.

Size: Less than 25 rooms
Puzzle complexity: Easy.

You are part of a small tribe, preparing to take part in a ritual that will allow you to become a full druid. You are transported to a strange land where you must find the rune of power and return to complete the rite.

The game uses standard VERB NOUN input (such as GET STICK, FILL BOTTLE etc). Shortcuts, like X for EXAMINE and I for INVENTORY are also available. HELP gives you some command tips.

By Paul Weller (c)2020 Sunteam
Playtesting: Richard Hallas, David Cottis & Marc Theunissen.

Thanks to Andrés Samudio, Uto, Tim Gilberts & Stefan Vogt for helping bring DAAD (used in 8-bit versions)  to the community.

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