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PLEASE NOTE: This game is supplied as a TZX and TAP file and will run on ZX Spectrum computers only (48K minimum).

Three years ago, the planet Atlantis was under attack by a mechanized enemy. After a lengthy battle, the planet was saved, but many of their underwater cities were left in ruins and as the Atlanteans rebuild their world, significant areas are now uninhabited.

Rumours began to emerge of lost treasure in the depths, and so when Lady Mandrill got wind of this, she sent one of her top agents, Spectra, to Atlantis in search of these riches. Arriving at the planet, Spectra boarded the Baby Gulp and splashed down into the planet-wide ocean.

But beneath the waters lie many hazards...vicious creatures, toxic fumes and dangerous free-floating mines left over from the old war. She must carefully navigate the ruins and pick up the treasure before locating the bubble warp to escape.


The aim of the game is to collect 10 treasure chests and then escape through the bubble vortex. Move your submarine left and right with the O and P keys. Use Q to ascend.


JELLYFISH   These stinging creatures will puncture holes in your craft with their tentacles.

POISON BUBBLES   Filled with noxious gas, these bubbles will disrupt your oxygen supply and kill you.

GIANT CLAMS   These clams burp out a fog of deadly acid into the water.

ELECTRIC PIPES   Broken pipes that are still electrically charged can short out your submarine.

MINES   Old war mines will explode on contact.

Created by Paul Weller (C)2017 Sunteam
128K music is by Grigoriy Klimenko http://zxart.ee/eng/authors/k/klim/
Made with ARCADE GAME DESIGNER by Jonathan Cauldwell.
This version is FREEWARE and MUST NOT be sold.


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tagsagd, spectrum, ZX Spectrum


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Awesome game! I finished it.

Thank you for playing, glad you liked it!


It's fun trying to work out how to get through each room and how to avoid all the enemies, you really have to pay attention to the scenery to see if there are any spots you can hide in. It's more tricky than it looks and it's satisfying if you can get through a room without losing any lives. Sometimes when you die you reappear in a completely different spot to where you might expect, it seems like it would place you at the entrance to the room that you came in by, but it often places you somewhere in the middle, even if you hadn't reached that far. But that's not a big deal and doesn't spoil the game at all. I really like the use of colour in the scenery and the title screen looks great too. Really cool game!